Dalmation Jasper, a playful stone, is perfect for those interested in reconnecting to the child-like innocense that lives inside all of us.  This stone will allow you to tap into your creativity and imagination, providing protection from negative energies that may try to dull your shine.  As it protects, it can also dispel of any negative emotions and memories you may be holding onto.  Dalmation Jaspers vibration is high enough to lift your spirits from low places and open your heart and mind to remind you to enjoy this life you have now.


All Crystals & Stones come Cleansed and Charged by a Certified Crystal Healer.


Most commonly found in Mexico.


    This Real, All-Natural Dalmation Jasper Palm Stone is apx. 3" x 2"

    *because it is all-natural, color and size may vary.


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