Each bracelet is made with crystal beads to accent your everyday Crystals.

Amethyst ~ Aides in Concentration, Calming, Purifying, Aides in Balance, Patience, and Creativity.

Black Onyx ~ Provides Protection and Defense against negative events, Eases grief, Stimulates wise decision making, Encourages Happiness and Good Fortune, Promotes Willpower.

Clear Quartz ~ The most versatile and powerful healing stone there is, due to its Unique Spiral Crystalline form. It is a Master Healer and can be used to Stimulate the immune system and Bring the Body into Balance. 

Green Aventurine ~ Serenity and purity, Wisdom, Increases love and nurturing, Protective, Brings Harmony, Good luck and Friendship, Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts, Stimulates ideas, Brings Insightful Dreams.

Red Jasper ~ Emotional Warmth, Creativity, Individuality, Memory, Harmony, Courage and Boosts self esteem, Releases negativity

Rose Quartz ~ Universal and Unconditional love, Nurturing love, Restores trust and harmony, Calming, Self forgiveness, Release of anger and addictions, Acceptance

Turqoise ~ Provides protection, Grounding, Courage, Love and luck, Friendship, Removes negativity, Serenity, Protection, Wisdom.

Tiger's Eye ~ Power or motivation, Reduces Fear, Anxiety, and Self-doubt, Beneficial for Career Aspirations, Guide you to Harmony and Balance, Helps you to make Clear, Conscious decisions.

Opalite ~ Highly Energetic, Ideal for Meditation, Improves Communication on all levels, especially the Spiritual, Removes Energy Blockages of the Chakras and Meridians, Gives us Strength and Success in Business.


Sodalite ~ Provides Clarity of the mind, allowing you to trust your intuition.  Aids in communication and promotes confidence, helping you to speak your mind and truth.  This is a good stone for emotional balance.


Blue Celestite ~ This crystal is Uplifting and Restoring and may also assist in spiritual communication. It provides Clarity of thought and allows Focus and Balance. It is also good for Healing emotional wounds and restoring peace.


Tourmaline Quartz ~ Tourmaline Quartz combines the protecting energy of Tourmaline with the amplifying energy of Clear Quartz to make a powerful energy protector. Purify your energy as you foucus, manifest, and heal with this effective grounding crystal. Strengthen your bodies energy field and eliminate negative and destructive patterns as you detoxify your body.


Amazonite ~ This is a soothing stone and enourages you to trust your intuition as you explore, learn and grow emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. This is one of the most powerful stones you can use to manifest success and abundance, aiding in financial stability and attracting good fortune. The energy Amazonite provides will encourage confidence and provide clarity during confusing or uncertain times.


Carnelian ~ Carnelian is a powerful, captivating crystal with bold energy that brings joy and warmth like its name suggests. This crystal is known to promote motivation, strength, and courage..the perfect match for anyone with a passion for adventure and life! Boost your self-confidence and creativity as you discover yourself along your life journey.


Mookaite Jasper ~ This is a calming stone that provides peace and comfort during times of stress and uncertainty.  It encourages growth and change while providing emotional and mental strength & support.


Unakite ~ Promotes growth while keeping you grounded and mentally stable.  This is a wonderful stone for "rebirth" or new beginnings, connecting you to higher consciousness and opening your mind to positive change.


Chrysocolla ~ This is a calming, cleansing, and energizing stone good for improving communication, self-awareness, and emotional balance.  It is good for ridding of negative thoughts and energy, increasing motivation and universal love.


Serpentine ~ A good stone for practicing meditation and mindfulness, serpentine will enhance spiritual exploration and creaitivity.  It is a good grounding stone, allowing you to find peace and emotional balance.


Rhodonite ~ A stone of emotional compassion, Rhodonite cleanses and activates the heart chakra.  This beautiful stone encourages self-love and forgiveness, while promoting Confidence and Vitality.  Feel the calming, grounding, and balancing effects wehn you keep this stone near to you.


    This Real, All-Natural Beaded Crystal Bracelet is apx. 3-4" in diameter and fits most.

    *One-size fits all


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