You are so incredibly special and deserve to be treated as such.  Quiet your mind and focus on self-love, personal growth, and discover the gift of pure happiness and bliss.

Balance your Mind, Enhance your Vibration, & Cleanse your Aura with our beautiful and unique gift sets each month!


Each month you will receive a box filled with 5 carefully hand-picked items from around the world, ranging from cleansing crystals & crystal jewelery, to smudge sticks & organic herbs and flowers for Ultimate Spiritual Guidance.


Each order will always include over $100 retail value worth of surprise items from the list above & a Meditation Affirmation from the Universe, sealed with a wax stamp.


**Includes a detailed guide with a description/use for each item.

  • May Include:

    *Tumbled/ Polished Crystals and Stones

    *Clusters, Chunks, Towers, Hearts

    * Aura Crystals

    *Crystal Jewelry including bracelets, pendants, etc.

    *Organic Herb and Flowers

    *Ritual Candles

    *Other Crystal related items, decor, jewelry etc.

    *Smudging, cleansing, or altar related items that compliment crystals such as sage, incense, etc.


    Each order is absolutely unique and may contain items not yet listed for sale in my shop!


    Lengths and materials vary but will always include atleast *One Necklace and * and *One Crystal.


    Items come in a cardboard box with wrapping, not shown in picture above.


    We truly believe in the products we share with you and want to create the most positive experience we possibly can.  We offer a 30-day guarantee for any returns or exchanges.  We want you to be fully satisfied and absolutely in-love with every item you recieve in your box!  If you are ever unsatisfied for any reason, reach out to us via email, where we are avaialable 24/7 and will work with you to be refunded.  We will send  you a return label free of charge, to ensure a hassle-free return.


    Sign up today and your first box will be shipped within 1 - 2 business days! You will receive your box within 2 - 7 business days.

    Your next box will be shipped out every month on the same billing day.

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